BMW’s NFC Car Keys Can Be Used to Open Doors to Hotel Room

bmw nfc keysCar maker BMW has partnered with hotel key card company VingCard Elsafe in the development of a new technology that will allow people to book a hotel room while on the go or while driving and then access their rooms by using their car’s keys.

How does this seemingly complicated technology works?

Simply put, this new service will allow driving travelers to book hotel reservations at the last minute.  A driver can use the built-in navigation system of his or her BMW vehicle to look for nearby hotels.  Through a special interface using Micros-Fidelio’s hotel property management systems, one can book a hotel room from his or her car.

As soon as the reservation is made, the BMW vehicle’s navigation system will immediately send the driver a notification of his or her room number and guide him or her to the hotel.  The hotel room’s access code will be downloaded wirelessly to his or her NFC-enabled BMW car key.

The driver can go straight to his or her assigned room upon arrival at the hotel and use his or her car key to open the contactless door lock.  This means that he or she can skip the check-in process.

Aside from this BMW vehicle owners can also take advantage of special offers that are available only to them.  They can avail of special discounts associated with this new technology and they will also get special recognition in the hotel.

This new technology also carries certain benefits for participating hotels.  They will be able to get access to a special market, which is composed of BMW owners who need or want to check into a hotel immediately.  Moreover, hotels can also get a valuable and detailed profile of a guest as long as he or she is willing to share it.  This kind of client data will help hoteliers form and establish customized relationships with guests and this will them grab highly targeting marketing opportunities.

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