Lexus’ NFC Ad Debuts on Wired Magazine

Readers and subscribers of Wired Magazine has long known that the magazine is a leader when it comes to new technology.  Cutting edge does not begin to describe the magazine’s ads.

In April 2012, Wired Magazine gets another high tech feather on its cap to with the launch of Lexus’ new ad.  The new ad includes a near-field communication tag inside it.

Readers would be able to wave their NFC-enabled phones over the ad and be taken to a video and other information about the new car and the company’s newest deals and promos.

This is one of the first instances that an NFC tag has been included in magazine advertisements. Wired said that they are publishing 500,000 copies of the April 2012 issue, and each one of them has the NFC tag attached to the ad.

Lexus was able to get the idea to use NFC in its ads from The Big Idea conference, which was sponsored by Conde Nast, publisher of Wired Magazine.

The Big Idea conference showcases the various technologies that may be used within the publishing industry.

What you could learn from the Lexus Ad

The new ad from the carmaker is a great lesson for marketers who are looking into NFC for their advertising.  For one, Lexus came up with great content to offer those who want to access it.

The ad itself is pretty straightforward, showing a dashboard of a car, with an outline of a smartphone.  At the center, readers are given instructions on what to do.  But more importantly, they are told what they could get from tapping their phones to the ad: getting to know Lexus’ Enform App Suite.  Lexus sure knows how to brand and use the latest technology at the same time!

Lexus and its advertisers know that not too many people are familiar with NFC.  What’s more, unlike QR codes, there are no visual cues that would tell people that there is an NFC chip embedded in the ad.  These make including instructions much more urgent.


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