Near-Field Communication for Marketing

Near-field communication is now increasingly becoming a must-have feature for new smartphones. In fact, over the past recent months, we have seen a lot of phones being launched with NFC chips inside them.

As a result, more and more consumers now have the capability to use NFC even if they do not yet trust the technology enough to use it for mobile payments. Retailers and advertisers are smartly using NFC for marketing.

A good example would be those out-of-home advertisements in bus shelters where people could use their NFC-enabled phones and tap posters at these shelters to learn more about a particular product.

Seeing an NFc-enabled poster, a customer can tap it and be taken to any website, URL, photo, or any online content that is used to further market the product. It is reminiscent of the early use of QR codes, but instead of scanning, consumers are tapping.

Right now, marketing initiatives using NFC are pairing it up with QR codes. There have been some that use only NFC technology, however.

QR Codes and NFC

Because of the similarities between QR codes and NFC, these two technologies have been compared and contrasted frequently. In fact, it is common to hear pronouncements that QR codes are dead with the advent of NFC technology, or that NFC will never make it considering the greater popularity of QR codes.

The best way to market, however, is to tie both NFC and QR codes together. This way, you are actually casting a wider net. Those without QR code scanners but have NFC-enabled phones can tap their way to your information. In the same manner, those using iPhones and other phones with no NFC chips can still download and install a QR code scanner to scan your codes. does not think that it should be an either-or situation where marketers and business owners would need to choose between the two technologies. QR codes are free and NFC is very cost-effective. There is really no sense in using one exclusively when it comes to your marketing.

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