Near-Field Communication Makes Wi-Fi Chip Even More Special

Marvell Technology Group, a leading semiconductor company based in Santa Clara, CA, has come out with a new Wi-Fi chipset that is compatible to the up and coming 802.11ac standard.  Marvell is the company behind PlayStation Vita’s Wi-Fi capability.

Sounds too geeky? Do not worry and let us explain.

The new 802.11ac standard allows your Wi-Fi speeds to be faster than the speeds allowed by current standards.  The new standard allows you to have Internet speeds of close to a gigabit per second, which is currently impossible.

What Marvell came up with was a chipset that turns any electronic device into a Wi-Fi receiver that could tap into your Internet connection or connect with other Wi-Fi devices.  In short, it does not provide you with an Internet connection, but it links to your router and shares that connection to other devices.

The new chip is called Avastar and it can connect with all your gadgets at home: your laptop, your PSP, printers, and other devices.

But being 802.11ac compatible is not all there is to this Wi-Fi chip.  It also allows for Bluetooth and near-field connectivity.  So a device that has the Avastar chip in it can use NFC to connect and pair with another NFC device.

What this means is that consumers get an added level of convenience.  Instead of going through several steps to pair two Wi-Fi devices, all you have to do is to tap them together.  If you need to print something from your iPad, you just tap it to your printer.  If you want to listen to music, you can just tap your music player to an NFC-enabled speaker.

Another great thing about the Avastar chip is that it is very cost effective, so expect a lot of manufacturers to consider it for their own electronic products.  Hopefully, the benefits and the lower price would help bring more NFC-enabled products to the market.

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